Wanna start with, I've been playing rocket league for months, still use a mouse and keyboard, just prefer them. Never had any issues with the game. Recently got a friend to join me, we've been playing together for probably a month or so. We logged on tonight to try and we both are having the exact same issue. Either get stuck at "press any key" screen or I've made it to the main menu a few times, but game still won't recognize any keyboard or mouse input at that point. Thing is, it let's me skip the Psyonix and unreal screens using keyboard input, so it's recognizing keyboard inputs. However, I can't shift-tab for steam overlay or interact with anything. Now to add to it, my buddy started having the exact same problem, the exact same night. Also, if I plug in a controller, the controller works fine, but I still don't have use of the keyboard. Lastly, probably irrelevant, but I was able to use my controller to invite him to a party and start a match, we got in, his game loaded fine, but once he got in he still had same problem, couldn't move his car etc, no keyboard or mouse controls.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.